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  • Coach McKenzie Bronson

    My name is McKenzie Bronson I am a current freshman at Clemson university. I have been an all-star cheerleader for 16 years, I am AACCA certified to be able to teach stunts and tumbling classes. I have won 12 consecutive best back spot awards, I was all-region, and captain of my high school cheerleading team. The private classes offered at upward are based on the skill level of the athlete. If they are beginners we star with forward rolls and cartwheels, backwalkovers and front walkover. Then they move to intermediate skills which include back handsprings and standing tucks. All of the tumbling preformed will be spotted by me as well as coached. They go through conditioning every private as well. Please note that all of the running taught is done on the hard floor with a cheerleading mat, which is the hardest way to learn tumbling but it is also the best way, if you can learn how to tumble on the hardest floor cheerleading offers you can tumble on any floor.

    Contact Information: (864)504-5018