Live Streaming Now Available

Whether Steph Curry wants to work on his footwork, Novak Djokovic is looking to add more spin to his serve, or a high school volleyball player needs to improve their timing, PlaySight technology is delivering a cutting-edge experience to all levels of athletes across the sporting world. Athletes all over the world are playing Smarter with PlaySight.

What is Playsight SmartCourt? 

Playsight SmartCourt is an interactive 4K and HD camera and cloud-based sports system that leverages on-court multiangle video and proprietary analytics to enhance training and performance. Each SmartCourt is connected to the internet and to our cloud - this connection is what turns a regular court into a SmartCourt. SmartCourt footage and data is stored on each athlete’s account, where they can review and share it at any time through the PlaySight app or online.

Watch this really cool video that really explains how this tool will benefit athletes, coaches, and parents who can't attend a tournament, practice, or a camp.


What are the benefits for me? 

Coach: Instant, multi-angle video on-court, the ability to create specific clips and save/share/send to players (with audio annotation over top), and Live Streaming allows you to coach remotely and watch sessions that you aren’t able to physically attend.

Player: Review your video just like the pros do, create video clips for recruiting, social media, and to share with family & friends. Live Stream your games and keep up with stats. 

Parents/Spectators not in attendance: You can tune in to watch live video from live streaming cameras at the Star Center, and you can review the video footage afterwards with your child on any mobile device or computer.

How Do I Get Started?

On the App:

1) Download the PlaySight app (free for iOS and Android devices).

2) Select Upward Star Center as Facility or look for it by searching for the facility. (You will not be able to select the facility until live streaming has been turned on by the facility).

3) Select your sport to watch games.

The app will allow you to watch live streams, review your video/game, edit and share clips with coaches, friends & on social media and much more.

On your Desktop:

1) Sign up online at

2) Select Upward Star Center as Facility or look for it by searching for the facility. (You will not be able to select the facility until live streaming has been turned on by the facility).

3) Once you are logged in and have some SmartCourt footage in your account, you can review video, create clips to share, and manage all of your PlaySight activity in one place.

On Court Console at the Star Center (practices/private lessons):

1)   Once you have signed into the app, it will bring you into the activities page, where all of your video lives.

2)   On the activities page, you can scroll down and select the video from a specific date that you would like to view.

3)   Once you’ve selected a video/date, you can use the features inside of the app including changing camera angles, fast forward/rewind, frame by frame analysis, zooming in/out and panning around, sharing video via a direct link or on social platforms, annotating video, and creating your own clips/voice recordings (see picture attached).

4)   In order to start a video recording from all of the camera angles on that court, you will click the Scan QR tab, and scan the QR code for the appropriate court.

5)   A red “Start” button will appear, and you will select start, and then select which mode you are playing in (practice, scrimmage, and game). Only scrimmage/game include the smart-tracking ability.

6)   After selecting the mode, you will initiate the camera recordings from all of the different angles.

7)   Once the video has started, you can choose to tag plays (basketball only), and you can use the instant replay feature (will go over this next week).

We are so excited about adding this technology to the Star Center. As a leader in the recreation and sports industry, we want to server our customers with the highest quality experience for their event.  Streaming tournaments, games, and matches allows us to be a leader in the industry while serving our customers. If you are a parent, a coach, an athelete, or a tournament director looking to host your event at the Star Center, wand would like more information, give us a call today at 864-949-5900 for more information.